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CVs and Covering Letters

Writing a CV is vital to getting you noticed by potential employers; this is your first opportunity to impress them with your work experience and skills. The CV layout keeps the information coherent and often contributes to the success of a candidate's CV. There is no exact way to layout your CV, but keep it consistent and stick to main headings.

CV Template

Personal Details

Your Full Name
Address, telephone number and email.

Personal Statement

Brief summary of your CV

  • Key skills
  • Academic interests
  • Reason for wanting new role

Education and Qualifications

GCSES, A-levels, Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters etc

Work Experience

State your most relevant work experience and provide an overview of what you achieved and gained from your experience.

Interests and Achievements

Keep this section relevant and don't put many passive, solitary hobbies - Activities that are a little out of the ordinary can help you to stand out from the crowd.


Any computer skills or languages acquired should be stated.


Normally two referees are sufficient; alternatively you can state references are available on request.

Covering Letter Template

Below is a standard template for a covering letter when applying for a vacancy.

1. Your Contact Details

Your name
Telephone number
Email address

2. Employer/Agency Details

Company Name
Full Address

3. Date

Current date

4. Introduction

If you know the last name but if you don't stick to Dear Sir/ Madam.

5. Paragraph 1 - Why Are You Writing

State the reason you are applying for the position and how you heard of the vacancy. Try to reflect a genuine interest for the company and how it could develop in the future.

6. Paragraph 2 - What You Can Offer Them

Indicate why you think you would be perfect for the role. Summarise relevant qualifications for the position along with your experience and skills related to the position.

7. Paragraph 3 - Closing Paragraph

Thank the employer for their time and consideration; also tell them you look forward to hearing from them.

"Yours sincerely" if you are sending the letter to a named person or use "Yours faithfully".

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